Pure Diesel Power Increases Conversion Rate of New Visitors by 6.1% with BuySafe

Established in 2006, Pure Diesel Power prides itself on providing diesel enthusiasts with the necessary performance parts and accessories they may need to get the job done. Pure Diesel Power’s mission is knowledge is power. They are hyper-focused on providing the highest quality of customer service. 

Their knowledgeable staff, with a combined 75 year’s experience, are available to help shoppers choose the correct parts and answer any questions they may have. Unlike many online retailers, they encourage shoppers to call them directly with any questions they may have.

This focus on customer experience extends to their entire online experience. Pure Diesel Power wants to ensure that shoppers feel confident in buying from them because they are an experienced and knowledgeable retailer of diesel parts. They provide a fast and secure checkout experience so customers can get their parts and get up and running quickly.

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Why Trust is Critical

Pure Diesel Power knows that they can build trust with customers and shoppers who reach out to them with questions, their industry knowledge and customer support is unmatched. What they were looking for was a way to extend this trust to first-time visitors and window shoppers online.

With their vast product offering, some parts costing thousands of dollars, consumers and businesses want to be sure they are buying from a reliable company. Pure Diesel Power needed to immediately establish themselves as a trusted retailer of diesel products and differentiate themselves from other online sellers.

Garrett Shields, CEO of Pure Diesel Power, was intrigued with the BuySafe shopping guarantee after seeing numerous trust badge offerings.

"I was looking for a way to enhance our online experience for shoppers so that they know we are a brand they can trust from the moment they land on our site."

Garrett Shields, CEO, Pure Diesel Power

Testing Trust Offerings

Garrett ran two A/B tests on his website, one testing BuySafe and one testing TrustedSite, in order to decide which trust offering resonates best with his customers.

BuySafe’s Data Scientist set up the BuySafe A/B test using Pure Diesel Power’s Google Analytics account. This includes a quality assurance check of the analytics platform to make sure best practices are being followed and the test can run accurately. The test ran for 30 days, showing half of the website traffic puredieselpower.com with BuySafe and the other half puredieselpower.com without BuySafe.

BuySafe and Pure Diesel Power

The BuySafe trustmarks were strategically placed on the Pure Diesel Power site to instill trust in shoppers, answer any questions they may have before purchasing and give them the confidence to buy more, and more often.

The sitewide trustmark was shown on the bottom left-hand side of each page of the site.

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The action trustmarks were placed on each product page, right below the Add to Wishlist button and on the cart page under the checkout button to reinforce the guarantee and benefits for shoppers.


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After running the test for 30 days, BuySafe’s Data Scientist collected the Google Analytics results to remove any duplicate transactions, transactions from phone orders and conduct a quality assurance check against a number of parameters.

The final A/B test results showed an increase of 3.17% in conversion rate for unique transactions and an increase of 6.01% in conversion rate for new site visitors.

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In addition to the lift in conversion rate, 80% of shoppers responded that they are more likely to shop at Pure Diesel Power again because of the shopping guarantee. Verified customers rated Pure Diesel Power 5/5 for ease of purchase, overall shopping experience and would recommend this store to others.

Reliable Data for Informed Decisions

It’s important to note that only unique transactions are counted in BuySafe A/B tests. Oftentimes, Google Analytics will report duplicate transactions as new transactions. This is because, any time an order confirmation page is loaded, it counts the transaction and the revenue. If a user reloads or restores their order confirmation page from a new desktop or mobile device, Google cannot relate it to the original transaction and revenue reported.

By scrubbing the data and omitting duplicate transactions, along with bot traffic and orders not placed on the website, BuySafe is able to show accurate results of the benefit of our shopping guarantee for merchants. "The data quality and explanation of the results helped make my decision easy. I was confident I was making an informed decision on a product that is improving our bottom-line" says Shields.

After reviewing the results with the BuySafe team, Garett decided to go with BuySafe and add the shopping guarantee to puredieselpower.com.

"The results spoke for themselves, our shoppers felt more confident in Pure Diesel Power as a brand with the backing of BuySafe. It’s a win win for our business and our customers."

Garrett Shields, CEO, Pure Diesel Power

Checkout BuySafe and shop confidently on puredieselpower.com for all of your diesel performance product needs.

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