8 Ways to Promote Your Store’s Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals

You have created your Black Friday Cyber Monday plan of attack. Now, we need to let everyone know about your fantastic deals by promoting them!

Use your Website

…thanks Captain Obvious…

It may sound ridiculous to mention, but make sure visitors to your website know what you have to offer for BFCM – and not just on your homepage.

Your website is where all of your traffic will be driven, so make sure it is very clear what deals you have to offer. 

Create a BFCM Landing Page

Create a landing page highlighting your deals that can act as a preview leading up to BFCM.

  • If you are running ads, this is where you can direct traffic to
  • Include a countdown to add to the urgency
  • Communicate when your deals will end, so visitors know how long your discounts will last
  • Tease your lightning or time-sensitive deals on this page
  • Create an action for users on this landing page, like subscribing to your newsletter so they can receive exclusive deals and updates on BFCM

Download the Ecommerce Merchant's Guide to a Goal-Crushing Black Friday Cyber Monday

Add a Global BFCM Pop-Up or Banner

Make sure you are highlighting your deals, no matter what page your visitors are on. With a pop-up or banner, your deals will follow your users as they browse your site. For some design inspiration, checkout Bannersnack’s Black Friday banner ad examples.

Use Email Marketing

Email marketing for ecommerce can be extremely effective in getting your BFCM promotions in front of your customer’s. Here are some email ideas to create a plan around. Make sure each email you send is showing value to customers. You can pick and choose different ideas to combine in a sequence of emails to send over the long shopping weekend.

  • Save the date email to mark your biggest deal day on their calendar
  • Black Friday preview email of the deals to come
  • Black Friday ‘deals are live’ email
  • Cyber Monday preview email of the deals to come
  • Cyber Monday ‘deals are live’ email
  • Personalized emails
    • Based on previously purchased items
    • Special discounts for returning customers

For more email tips, check out our post on 10 ways to refine your ecommerce emails.

List your Deals on Black Friday Cyber Monday-Specific Websites


Try Influencer Marketing

Show up right in the feed of your target audience with an influencer partnership over BFCM. Influencers have very loyal audiences who trust their recommendations. Finding influencers with a similar target audience can lead to some serious conversion rates.

You don’t have to have the budget of a big box store to try influencer marketing. Influencers can range from followers in the millions, typically celebrities, to micro and even nano-influencers that have hundreds of thousands or thousands of followers.

The average earned media value per $1 spent on influencer marketing has increased to $5.78 in 2020.

Influencer Marketing Hub

Do Your Research

Mirco and nano-influencers typically cater to a fan-base that is a highly specific niche. If you have a specific target market for certain products, micro and nano-influencers can pay off big time. Research influencers on Instagram by browsing hashtags that relate to your products. Stalk your competitors to see what influencers they are partnering with. There are even tools to help with influencer research and management like upfluence and IZEA.

Just getting started with influencer marketing? Check out Mention’s 5-step Guide to Influencer Marketing for Ecommerce.

Other Creative Ways to Promote Your Deals

Research keywords that your target audience would be searching for, typically keywords that are specific to the products you sell (like best outdoor Black Friday deals or skincare discounts for Cyber Monday.) Ahrefs, SEMrush and Spyfu are three great free resources to get started with keyword research.

  • Blogs: reach out to authors on those blogs to see if they are drafting BFCM posts that could include your store. They may require a formal partnership, but it is worth making the connection and seeing if you can offer a discount code to be included.
    • Lean on your niche products and look for blogs who write about these products or lifestyles
    • See if your local media outlets are running stories on Small Business Saturday that you can be featured in
  • Reddit: if you have an existing presence for your brand on reddit, post in your product niche or BFCM-specific subreddits
  • Partner with a Charity: with Giving Tuesday closing out the shopping holiday, partner with a nonprofit. Add the option to donate to your checkout page and offer their email subscribers a special offer at your store.

You may be wondering why we barely touched on using social media for your BFCM promotions…stay tuned! Our next post will be dedicated to using social media this BFCM.


Download the Ecommerce Merchant's Guide to a Goal-Crushing Black Friday Cyber Monday

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