New BuySafe Feature: Business Transparency Profile

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BuySafe enhances the user experience on your online store with a focus on shopper trust. We are continually evolving the BuySafe product to better serve our merchants and our merchant's shoppers.

Shoppers often click on our strategically placed trustmarks to learn more about the BuySafe shopping guarantee you are providing. We have updated our pop-up that shoppers see after clicking on trustmarks, called the business transparency profile.

The Importance of Transparency

As shoppers are browsing your site and deciding if they will complete a purchase, they are not relying on the price alone. They want to know how other customers rate their experience buying from you, how long it will take to get their items and if they can return them easily.

Being upfront and transparent with shoppers is key in developing trust with your brand and business.

The goal of the profile is to address shopper concerns upfront, so they are confident in purchasing from your store. Some of the questions and concerns addressed are:

  • What payment types are accepted?
  • How can I reach customer support?
  • What are the shipping policies?
  • What are the return policies?
  • Does this site have good reviews?
  • Will my information be protected?

Check it Out

Users can expand and close the tabs of your transparency pop-up that they would like to learn more about. The default tabs and supporting information are:

  • Payment information: country, payment currencies and payment options accepted
  • Customer support: email, phone, support hours, average response time, contact link and FAQ link
  • Shipping policy: order processing time, default shipping and free shipping requirements
  • Return policy: return policy summary, maximum return days, free shipping requirements, return fees, and return mailing address
  • Privacy policy: link to privacy policy
  • Ratings & Reviews: verified customer feedback collected by BuySafe and the ability to link to third-party review site profiles

BuySafe Transparency Pop-Up

The ratings and reviews tab let's you set average threshold levels of verified customer feedback that you want to feature in the pop-up including ease of purchase, overall shopping experience and likeliness to recommend to others. You can also include links to your business profile on third-party review sites like TrustPilot, BBB and Google Reviews.

Ratings & Reviews

Customizing your Business Transparency Profile

To customize your business transparency profile, visit our knowledge base for step-by-step instructions.

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