Is the BuySafe Shopping Guarantee Legitimate?

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You may have recently seen the BuySafe shopping guarantee on a retailer’s website and wondered…what is this? Is the BuySafe shopping guarantee legitimate?

BuySafe was founded over 15 years ago to instill trust and confidence for online shoppers. It’s all in the name – we want to ensure online shoppers are buying safely, especially if it is from a retailer you haven’t bought from before. We do this by partnering with online businesses so they can offer an independent shopping guarantee.

What is BuySafe?

BuySafe is a shopping guarantee offered by online retailers, at no cost to you, so that you can shop confidently knowing that this business has been independently verified. BuySafe verifies and monitors the business’ identity, financial stability and ability to honor their sales terms and conditions. In addition to verifying the business, you also get added protection for each purchase made at no additional cost.

How do I know if a retailer is a BuySafe partner?

When you visit a site that has partnered with BuySafe, you will see the BuySafe trustmarks, or digital badges, displayed in various places of their site. The BuySafe trustmarks are typically displayed on the bottom left or right hand side of the page, on individual product pages, and on the cart or checkout page. On the bottom left or right-hand side trustmark, there is also a date shown. If a retailer is a current BuySafe customer, this will show todays date, as it was verified when you visited the site.


When you click on the trustmarks, you will see details about the retailer’s purchase terms like their shipping policy, returns policy, payment information and customer support contact information. You can also see details on the three benefits you receive after your purchase.

What do I receive when purchasing from a BuySafe partner?

With every purchase made from an online retailer partnering with BuySafe, you receive three additional benefits: identity theft protection, purchase guarantee, and a lowest-price guarantee. These benefits are automatically applied to your purchase and are good for 30 days. This is not a subscription, so there is nothing to cancel.

$10,000 Identity Theft Protection

In the event your identity is stolen, anywhere, we will provide access to identity recovery services, and reimburse expenses up to $10,000 for costs like attorney fees, removing criminal judgments, and disputing credit reports.

$1,000 Purchase Guarantee

Didn’t receive what you ordered and need help resolving the issue? No worries. If your purchase is covered under the BuySafe shopping guarantee, we will refund you up to $1,000.

$100 Lowest Price Guarantee

If a merchant lowers the price of an item you purchased on their website, let us know and we will refund you the difference, up to $100.

Is the BuySafe shopping guarantee legitimate?

Yes. BuySafe’s shopping guarantee monitors our online merchants, providing adding protection for shoppers when they purchase from a BuySafe partner. Since 2003, BuySafe has protected over $30 billion in retail, guaranteeing over $3.3 million in online purchases each month.

Shop confidently knowing your purchases are guaranteed by BuySafe.

I received my BuySafe benefits, now what?

If you have made a purchase from a BuySafe partner, you should have received an email with your guarantee # and summary of your benefits. There is nothing else you need to do, your benefits are good for 30 days and automatically expire.

If you need to use one of your BuySafe benefits, visit Start a Claim to learn more about creating an account and logging in to enact your benefits. If you already have a BuySafe account, login to start your claim.

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