All Time Trading Lifts Conversion by over 10.5% with BuySafe

All Time Trading is a leading online wholesaler for everyday general merchandise, apparel closeout deals, and seasonal bulk products, with a focus on nonprofit organizations as well as homeless shelter donations. All Time Trading has been in business for over 10 years and also operates Wholesale Sock Deals and Blue Star Empire.

All Time Trading was looking for a way to improve the trust and transparency of their online stores. Showing shoppers that they are a trustworthy business is a top priority of All Time Trading, and they sought a reputable product to help showcase this.

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Proving a Conversion Lift

Ecommerce Director Andrew Muller was familiar with offering a shopping guarantee to boost trust and sales online. After doing some research on the product, he reached out to BuySafe to learn more.

"It was reassuring that we could try the product before buying. The A/B test option was really helpful in making our decision" says Muller.

BuySafe set up an A/B test for All Time Trading to prove that a shopping guarantee lifts conversion on ecommerce sites.

The A/B test is set up by BuySafe's data scientist using the company's website analytics program, in this case, Google Analytics. The test takes less than an hour to set up and runs from 30-60 days, depending on the number of transactions on the website. Visitors to the website are split in half, one segment sees the regular All Time Trading website (the control) and other segment sees All Time Trading with the BuySafe trustmarks (the variable).

Strategically Placed Graphics

The BuySafe trustmarks were added to the website in three key locations to boost trust and give shoppers the confidence to purchase. 

Sitewide Trustmark

The sitewide trustmark was added to the bottom right-hand side of the site, and is pinned there for every page.

All Time Trading homepage with the BuySafe trustmark

Product Page Trustmark

The product page trustmark was placed right under the Add to Cart button.

all time trading product page with BuySafe

If shoppers have any hesitation or questions, they can click on the graphic to learn about All Time Tradings shipping and return policies, ratings and reviews and customer support information. 

BuySafe trustmark showing transparency and trust

Cart Page Trustmark

The cart page trustmark was placed right under the cart total but before the proceed to checkout button to provide added encouragement and confidence to complete the purchase and convert.


Converting 10.65% more Shoppers into Buyers

After running the A/B test for 60 days, BuySafe's data scientist collected the data and conducted a comprehensive quality assurance check to ensure it was a fair and accurate test. Eliminating bad traffic and duplicate transactions are just a few of the steps in this process.

"The data scientist was able to go over the test results past the hard numbers. It was great to have an expert on the call explain the real impact of BuySafe for our business" states Andrew Muller.

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The test showed a 10.65% lift in conversion rate for visitors who saw the All Time Trading website with BuySafe, proving that BuySafe results in more shoppers feeling confident to purchase.

Almost 18% of customers responded to a post-purchase survey indicating:

  • 4.88/5 ease of purchase on the site
  • 4.88/5 for their overall shopping experience
  • 4.75/5 would recommend this store to others

In addition, 100% of buyers said the BuySafe shopping guarantee makes them more likely to shop at All Time Trading again.

Checkout BuySafe in action on All Time Trading, Wholesale Sock Deals and Blue Star Empire for safe shopping, guaranteed.

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