3 Impressive Stats That Prove You Should Be Using Instagram Shopping

Ecommerce merchants, here’s your warning: You’re officially missing out if you’re not using Instagram Shopping to get more sales! We’ve got three important statistics that are sure to convince you to set up Instagram Shopping for your brand today. But first, let’s take a quick look at what this social-media selling feature actually is.

What is Instagram Shopping?

If you’ve ever wondered how to promote your products on Instagram to get more sales, Instagram Shopping is your answer. Instagram Shopping is an umbrella term that encompasses a few Instagram features that make it easy for people to buy from your store directly on the photo-sharing app.

It allows you, as an ecommerce merchant, to set up a virtual shop that’s directly linked to your business Instagram account via an Instagram “Shop now” button on your profile. You can display your products in collections in your shop, and easily promote them through photos and videos you post. And let’s not forget the best part: Instagram Shopping lets users browse and buy items in a few taps, all without leaving the app. It makes discovering and buying new products extremely easy for consumers, which translates to more conversions for you.

lululemon-screenshotsThe three statistics that will convince you to start using Instagram Shopping


Not sure if you should bother learning how to sell products on Instagram? Here are the three incredible statistics that’ll change your mind:

  1. A massive, global user base 👥 Instagram now has about one billion users globally. Can you afford to ignore the chance for exposure to one-seventh of the population? Not many brands can!
  2. Engaged users who want to connect with you 🔗 66% of users say they use Instagram specifically to interact with brands, and nine out of ten Instagram accounts already follow a business. Consumers are literally logging on to Instagram to connect with brands like yours. If your products are readily available there for purchase, users are likely to browse and buy.
  3. A boost for your brand’s desirability and visibility 💁🏽‍♀️ 78% of users see brands with a strong Instagram presence as “popular” and therefore more desirable. Your Instagram presence is a type of social proof that can attract new prospects, and your Instagram shop then makes it easier for them to buy if they like what they see.

Instagram has an almost unfathomable number of users worldwide, and those users have shown that they want to interact with and buy from brands like yours. It’s simple: If you don’t put your products front and center via Instagram Shopping, you’re missing out on new customers and sales.

How to set up Instagram Shopping for your brand

Fortunately, it’s free and easy for merchants to set up Instagram Shopping. The platform offers a quick-start guide to help you get up and running in no time. A key point to note is that you’ll need to meet the criteria and get approved before you can officially launch your shop. If you want to know how to get approved for Instagram Shopping, just make sure you meet the following:

  • Your business is located in a market Instagram currently supports. (See a list of eligible countries.)
  • You own a website domain for your store.
  • You will agree to comply with Instagram’s terms and policies.
  • You have a Business or Creator account on Instagram. (If you don’t already, switching your account is easy!)
  • You have an eligible product(s) to sell, which Instagram will confirm in the approval process.

From there, follow Instagram’s instructions on linking your Facebook page to your Instagram account and uploading your first product catalog. The final step is to submit your account for review and wait for approval. Once approved (in a few days, in most cases), you’re ready to start selling!

Best practices for getting more sales on Instagram

Once you’ve set up your shop, consider these tips to jump-start your conversions:

  • Maintain a strong Instagram presence 💪 Instagram Shopping works best when you have a strong Instagram presence to begin with. That means regularly posting content aimed at your target audience, only posting high-quality images and videos, and interacting with users directly in comments and direct messages. An active and engaging presence on the platform makes prospective customers more likely to discover your brand and products—and more likely to trust you enough to buy, too.
  • Take advantage of product tags 🏷️ Product tags are one of the Instagram marketing tools available to brands with shops. They let you tag an item(s) in your photo just like you’d tag a person. When clicked, the tag leads to that product’s page in your shop. This feature makes it easy for your followers to buy items that catch their eye in their feed.
  • Encourage and repost user-generated content 📸 Social-proof marketing is hugely important for brands today. Encourage customers to share photos and videos of them wearing or using your products, and to tag you in these. You can then repost the content in a few clicks, and direct new prospective customers to your shop to buy the items shown. These types of social proof show prospects that you can be trusted, and that others like them already enjoy your products.

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